China to replace US, as the world’s third most popular tourism destination.

China is likely to replace the United States as the world’s third most popular tourism destination next year, a United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) official said. At present, China ranks fourth, after France, Spain and the United States.

Last year, China accounted for 5.8 percent of the global tourism market, a growth of 0.3 percent compared with two years ago.

Twenty-nine percent of tourists who traveled to Asia and the Pacific last year also visited China.

Xu Jing, regional representative for Asia and the Pacific of UNWTO, said the market share percentages of China and the U.S. last year were very close.

“I am confident China will overtake the US next year,” he said at the 2007 China (Qingdao) International Olympics & Tourism Forum, which concluded on Friday.



How big our Earth Is?

Interesting. Now, THIS is really fascinating – it’s rather dazzling to see it presented this way.

Earth picturesEarth Pictures1Earth Pictures2

I certainly thought this was enlightening. beyond our sun … It’s a big universe.

Earth Pictures3Earth Pictures4

Antares is the 15th brightest star in the sky. It is more than 1000 light years away.

Now how big are you? And how big are the things that upset you day to day? Or for that matter, the things that are important? Keep life in prospective..!



Once when people were asked – IS IT POSSIBLE TO BITE YOUR NOSE?

Every body thought it was impossible.. ……..
Until this guy came along, just watch how he makes the impossible possible…


Germans booked 35.1 million vacations online last year

According to BITKOM, 35.1 million vacations were booked online by Germans. That’s nearly one vacation booked online for every two Germans. The country’s total population was 82.4 million in July 2006, according to the US Census Bureau. Germans average 35 vacation days per year, compared with 13 in the US, according to the World Tourism Organization.

eMarketer Senior Analyst Jeffrey Grau said, “German leisure travelers are booking vacations online at strong rates that are allowing this market to close in on second place, behind the UK, in European online travel sales.”

Traditional travel agencies and tour operators have done well online in the UK. In Germany and France, however, travelers tend to go straight to online travel suppliers, according to Euromonitor International.

Travel with Extra Oxygen

Did you know that you can also travel with extra oxygen? I am sure majority would say a big “No”. Till last midnight, I was also on the same page. But, now I can say it is indeed possible. I came across a website “Oxygen Freedom“. They deal in portable oxygen concentrators.

The use of oxygen concentrators began in July 2005 when FAA approved portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) for use during flight.

What is Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

A Portable Oxygen Concentrator is a lightweight unit that can run on AC, DC and battery power. This allows users to remain away from home for indefinite periods of time while using a portable oxygen concentrator. The development of the portable oxygen concentrator has opened endless possibilities for oxygen dependent people. Oxygen patients are free to travel like never before.

Currently, the following airlines allow the use of the portable oxygen concentrators onboard their aircraft:

  • Air France
  • Alaska Airlines
  • Allegiant Air
  • Aloha Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • America West
  • ATA Airlines
  • Avianca Airlines
  • Continental Airlines
  • Delta
  • Frontier
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • Horizon Air
  • Lufthansa
  • Mango
  • Mesa Airlines
  • Midwest Airlines
  • Northwest Airlines
  • Qantas
  • SAS Airlines
  • Sky West
  • South African Airways
  • Southwest
  • Sun Country
  • US Airways
  • WestJet Airlines

Carry-on liquid ban will stay for foreseeable future

You are out of luck if you’re hoping for a change to Transportation Security Administration’s ban taking liquids and gels past security in your carry-on luggage. Those restrictions are “here for the foreseeable future,” Kathy Kraninger, director of the Dept. of Homeland Security’s Office of Screening Coordination, says to Travel Weekly (free registration). The TSA first put the liquid and gel restrictions on carry-on luggage in August after a British authorities uncovered a terrorist plot to use liquid explosives on trans-Atlantic aircraft.

Those rules were somewhat relaxed in September when fliers got the OK to carry liquids and gels such as toothpaste and contact solution past security in containers of three ounces or less. Even then, liquids were still required to be placed in a single quart-sized, clear plastic zip-top bags to clear security. Despite the relaxation, the ban has remained unpopular with many fliers. Travel Weekly says Kraninger made her comments in “responding to a delegate’s question following her speech to the Association of Corporate Travel Executives’ conference [in Miami.] Kraninger said the DHS has not identified technology up to the task of identifying liquid explosive materials.”

10 great places to take the kids on a bike ride

May is National Bike Month, a great time for a family ride. Michael Frank, executive editor of Mountain Bike, shares his recommendations for car-free, scenic and relatively flat trails with Kathy Baruffi for USA TODAY

Forest Park -Portland, Ore.

Forest Park is true to its name — and at 5,161 acres, it’s the largest fully forested natural inner city park in the USA. “Enter and you’d swear you’re very far from civilization,” Frank says. “The niftiest way to see the park is via Leif Erikson Drive, an 11.2-mile, relatively flat dirt road that bisects the greenbelt and is shared by joggers, hikers, and cyclists.” 503-823-2223;

Burke-Gilman Trail – Seattle

“The 27-mile Burke-Gilman Trail goes along scenic Lake Washington, and rolls by wineries (Columbia, Chateau Ste. Michelle) and excellent restaurants such as the Herbfarm in Woodinville, ultimately linking up to the East Lake Sammamish River Trail,” Frank says. “The newly opened 11-mile addition offers stunning views of Mount Rainier.” 206-684-4075.

Griffith Park – Los Angeles

This urban park in the heart of the city, home to the L.A. Zoo and the Griffith Observatory, is also rugged enough to harbor wildlife like foxes and deer. “While this isn’t a cyclist’s paradise, it’s a great place for families to ride from attraction to attraction, including several playgrounds, a bird sanctuary, and a merry-go-round,” Frank says. “The best loop runs along Crystal Springs Drive and Zoo Drive, then rolls back along the Los Angeles River and ends on Los Feliz Boulevard near the main entrance.” 323-913-4688.

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