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  1. Andrew Says:


    I’m a fellow webmaster/blogger, and really like your travel site. Like to propose a mutually beneficial idea.

    I am willing to offer you 3 free custom written articles (~300 words/article) on traveling. This will 1) be written by a professional writer hired by me, 2) be unique articles not published anywhere else and 3) likely help to draw readers to your site & improve its search engine ranking. You also get to retain editorial control to ensure quality.

    In exchange, I ask that you 1) post a link to each article page either on your home page or sitemap, 2) leave my links (maximum of 3, currently includes a) timeshare & b) wine related sites) in the article at the bottom in the author’s bios section. I figure since it’s a win/win deal, why not try it?

    Look forward to your response.


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