I think, I am confused here – as to what should I say about me. Its a start of a new venture for me – where I am going to explore many things for my readers and will try to bring the best coverage on any events or any happenings about the our Planet Earth!

Yup! thats it from me…..



5 Responses to “About”

  1. Jeremiah Says:


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    Many thanks!


  2. Palsse Says:

    Hi, Jeremiah

    I have emailed you back. Your site really looks cool.

    Great work..


  3. Andrew Says:


    I sent you an email last week, but haven’t received a response yet. Anyway to recap, I’m a fellow webmaster, and really like your travel site:

    I like to offer you 3 free custom written articles (~300 words/article) on traveling. These will be 1) written by a professional writer, 2) unique articles not published anywhere else. To ensure quality, you will get to retain editorial control.

    In exchange, I ask that you 1) post a link for each either on your home page or sitemap, 2) leave my links (Timeshare, Wine, and Lenox) at the bottom in the author’s bios section. I figure since it’s a win/win deal, why not try it?

    Look forward to your response.


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  5. Chris Says:


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    -Chris Rose

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