10 Worst Cities to Holiday

In Spanish, there is a Slang de mala muerte, which means ‘a bad place to die in’. Road Junky decided to gather together 10 of the worst cities in the world to visit, destinations that the traveler would only ever spend any time if he were a masochistic connoisseur of bad places to die.

Warsaw, San Salvador and Delhi missed the list. For better or for worse, these cities did not make the list. Some surprising ones did. In fact, you may be living in one of them right now (enter scary wind chime music in the background). Read on. Discuss amongst yourselves.

Here’s the List

1. Bombay
2. Dubai
3. Liverpool & Manchester
4. Any American Suburb
5. Guatemala City
6. Sao Paolo
7. Beijing
8. Singapore
9. Milan
10. Cancun

Thank GOD, I am not staying in any of the mentioned cities…


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