Learn How To Dicker In Foreign Countries

I am a firm believer, that where ever you go the dickering is every where in any market. All we have to do is get smart and get the deal in our favor.

What I have experienced is a good technique is to take a notebook and pen, ask the shop keeper for their “best price” and let them know that you’re shopping around. Write it down along with their name (in case they’re not there when you come back). Normally, you’ll get a VERY good price this way.

We should always try to make them think that:
-You don’t really want it that badly.
-You have seen it everywhere.
-You hardly have any money with you.
-It isn’t as nice as other ones you have seen.

Don’t be afraid to start walking away, either. Chances are, they will follow you and give you a better price or throw something else in.

Please submit your own solution here – as a comment..


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