A Wonderful Christmas Eve

I know its too late to share something about my Christmas Eve – but I can’t stop myself in doing so – as after all it’s my blog 🙂 This Christmas was wonderful for me. After a long time I met all my college friends at Ron’s house. He has arranged a wonderful Christmas party at his place.

At 8 pm I was there and was totally surprised to see all my friends. They all are doing great with their studies, some started working also. We have taken some refreshment and were enjoying soft music.

After sometime we gathered around the Christmas tree as there is a beautiful tradition of singing Christmas Carols and reading from the Bible about Christ’s birth. The reading is usually done by the oldest family member, so it was done by Ron’s grandfather.

Then we moved towards the dinning room. The table was filled with all kinds of dishes and sweets. I liked prawn, cocktail and the Special Christmas pudding prepared by Ron’s mother.

I Thanked Ron for arranging such a memorable get together for us. I really enjoyed my evening and would cherish the memories for a long long time. I hope you all have also enjoyed Christmas night very much.


Safest Place to Live

Everyone looks for a safe, secure place to live, and when it comes to making a shelter, these two points become important factors. And I am not an exception, so I started to search for such a place. And its important, as if you don’t feel secure you will not be happy 😦

In US, one of the most secure places to live is St. George, Utah. St. George is a small town having a population of 110,515 and a climate which sees mild winters and low precipitation. You will be thinking how these factors makes it safest place in US, its because it has the lowest crime rate and lowest unemployment rate.

How you’ll like my find? 🙂

Rover says Hi!

Hi Everyone! MY name is Pal. Sorry a bit late, but finally I have decided to join the blogging community. I am a bachelor doing my majors in computer application. I am fond of good food and traveling and you could definitely consider me of nomadic nature. I dream of finding a place where I can live in tranquil atmosphere. So far I haven’t found one. But I’ll let you know if I do, and in the meantime, I’ll let you know about all the other amazing places I find along the way.

Hope you will love my fellowship!